Bit6 Launches AssistHub

by Casey Houser

In its continuing attempt to address the continuity of customer support experiences, Bit6 announced the release of its AssistHub cloud-based real-time communications contact center software.

AssistHub can work as a stand-alone application or as part of Zendesk, so it can find its way to interested parties by way of the Zendesk App Marketplace or through the website. The application brings voice, video, real-time chat, and document sharing capabilities to agents and customers and makes it possible for companies to break down the barriers between their support channels.

Alexey Goloshubin, the founder and CEO of Bit6, commented that this product release uses WebRTC, PSTN, and mobile networks to make sure agents can properly connect to their customers. He also spoke about his company’s integration with Zendesk and the benefits that pairing can bring to enterprises.

“We are excited to launch Bit6’s AssistHub solution, which leverages WebRTC, mobile, and PSTN technologies to provide real-time communications like rich messaging, voice, and video directly into existing web and mobile applications,” Goloshubin said. “Pairing these real-time communications capabilities with Zendesk’s helpdesk/CRM software unlocks the full potential of solutions, providing immediacy, convenience, and context to customer interactions.”

Of course, one of the main benefits the AssistHub software is that it operates entirely in the cloud. This can make it easy for agents and managers to connect to the system from any location. Their desktop and mobile devices all have a reach into this full-featured system. Bit6 notes that quick, efficient, and personal interactions are what lead to customer happiness, and this cloud-based software tries to facilitate all those features.

Agents can become more productive and, as a result, reach more leads and take more inbound support calls. Customers, for their part, can enjoy support through multiple channels and find an ease of interaction with their chosen brands. TMC has noted that the millennial generation wants more from their customer service. AssistHub wants to bring that population, and all others, the results it desires in an immediate, effective fashion.