IP Messaging for Mobile and Web

iconIP Messaging for Any App

  • App-to-App Text, Photo and Video Messaging
  • Attach Voice Memos and GPS Location
  • Store & Forward for Offline Users or Synchronization
  • Real-time Status Updates
  • Native Mobile Push support
  • SMS integration

Messages in any form – text, voice clips, photos, videos, files, location – are delivered app-to-app, app-to-email, app-to-mobile phone, and through the web. Replies can be sent/received from any mobile device, app, or web site (which supports multimedia messaging on feature phones).

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IP messaging, voice, video, location, presence

Native Push

Push notifications are essential for the user’s ultimate messaging experience. Even if a user does not have the app open, the push notifications tell them that something exciting is happening in your app.

Group Chat

Letting the users chat with as few or as many people as they want is critical for the twenty-first-century communications. This feature is supported on iOS, Android, and JS.

UI Components

Communications aspects frequently have similarities when it comes to the UI. We extracted these components and made them easily customizable. Feel free to use the ready solution, or make your own.


Messaging is useless without attachments. Keep your users happy and engaged, let your users send photo, video, files, location, voice clips to each other.

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  • Voice & Video
  • IP Messaging