Chat and WebRTC based conversations

WebRTC Voice & Video

Video Service conveniently provides multi-user and one-to-one WebRTC-based audio & video communication capabilities.

  • Peer-to-peer, conference calling, broadcasting, media processing
  • Leverages WebRTC technology
  • Seamless integration with mobile push
  • Audio-only scenarios are supported

Chat & Messaging

Chat Service provides IP messaging capabilities, allowing for text exchange and rich media messages in groups of users.

  • Group and one-to-one messaging
  • IP text, photo and video messaging
  • SMS integration
  • Native mobile push support & real-time status updates
WebRTC video, conference calling, audio
STUN and TURN solution

Geo-distributed TURN

TURN is a faithful companion to any WebRTC-based solution. Around 15% of all voice and video traffic is routed through TURN servers, however building and maintaining a scalable, reliable TURN solution is not for the faint of heart.

  • Geo-distributed, scalable TURN
  • 16 datacenters around the world, from North America to South Africa
  • Supports standards RFCs 3489, 5389, 5769, 5780, 5766, 6062, 6156, 5245, 5768, 6336, 6544, 5928 over UDP, TCP

AssistHub for CX

AssistHub enables efficient communication between customers and businesses, and is intuitive both for agents and customers.

  • Improve support productivity - agents work in the familiar environment
  • Increase customer satisfaction - customer chooses how to communicate
  • Minimize resolution time - send text, messages, files, and buttons
  • Reduce support cycle - live chat, SMS, and messaging in one place
WebRTC video, conference calling, audio

Other Amazing Services

Communication microservices to take your solution off the ground


Used for real-time notifications such as call invites, WebRTC negotiation exchanges, typing notifications, etc.


Integration with native mobile push, especially valuable for solutions based on Cordova, PhoneGap, or React Native.


Voice calls between apps and landlines or mobile phones over traditional PSTN lines are also supported.

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