Voice and Video Calling

iconReal-Time Voice and Video

  • App-to-App voice & video calls
  • Leverages WebRTC technology
  • Seamless integration with Mobile Push
  • PSTN integration

Multiple video scenarios are supported, from one-to-one peer-to-peer communication to video broadcasting to huge audiences.

Synchronous voice and video calling lets users communicate in real-time. Voice and video calls can be made app-to-app, with or without the use of phone numbers. Voice calls between apps and landlines or feature phones over traditional PSTN lines are also supported.

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WebRTC Voice & Video

Multiple topologies

Versatile multi-user video and voice capabilities, covering peer-to-peer, conference calling, broadcasting, media processing, and more.

Low latency

Highly geo-distributed network of SFU, MCU, and TURN servers around the world delivers enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance.


Voice and video SDKs available for iOS, Android, Cordova, and JS, with all capabilities supported. Cross-platform signalling with native mobile push.


Flexible, simple, usage-based pricing that scales as you grow makes for the most cost-friendly WebRTC voice and video solution available.

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WebRTC Voice & Video